The seventh Liise’s run will be held on 17. – 19. May 2024

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Liise’s run in Ruhnu begun in 2018 and has been held already on six consecutive years. The distances are – 42.2 km, 21.1 km, 10.9 km, 2 km children’s run and few hundred meters for the youngest in the family. Everyone is welcomed to participate!

According to the ferry schedule, for you to run on Saturday you have to be here on Friday and travel back on Sunday. But do not worry, you won’t be bored. Our program includes getting to know the island with all its history and on Saturday there will be a concert/dance party. And ofcourse there is time to just relax and enjoy the island.


Photo albums from previous events are in Facebook – GO SEE PICTURES.

If you have any questions about the event then contact us by phone, write to us by email or in messenger.

On the year 2023 Liise’s run was voted as the best small running event on the site Marathon 100. 

In 2021 it was the best sporting event in Saare County.


“Winter is a time of good thoughts. That is when the idea of the marathon came too. I remember it was snowing heavily outside that night. Watching out of the window my mind wondered to the summer time and the events held on the island – like Ruhnu Rahu, where we have all these cool musicians and singers coming to visit us. But what if we could attract some new people here, why not athletes? When I was young I really enjoyed running in the forest and I would usually end up at the beach to have a swim too. I was the first one in the water in the spring and the last one out in autumn. It is a warm memory. So I talked to my daughter about the idea and she was immediately on board. And that is how we started planning our first marathon!”

Luise, organiser with a soft spot for running


“The way you are greeted and cared for is so sweet. The island is small and far away, there are not a lot of participants, so you really feel welcomed. Everyone gets attention. Accommodation looks older outside, but rooms are restored, clean and really cozy.”

“Ruhnu for a marathon is quite difficult – crazy “big” hills, nice forest track, then again some soft sand, dunes and seaweed. More like cross country. The event is small, but very professional – Luise running around with an apron, medalas are handmade. Really niche!”

“I run everywhere, but in Ruhnu it really is one of a kind. I hope the event stays as authentic as it is. Wooden gate at the start, hand made Start sign. Medals made out of clay! Helping out locals! Concert! Every thing and moment has a soul in it. We are greeted at the harbour, cared for and then sent home with waving hands – it is very moving and touches your soul.”

“The run is held in a beautiful place, where you can move in a peaceful pace, see all the main attractions, spend time with friends and family. Feels pure. Made with love. Real life.”

“I have been participating in the event for years now, almost from the beginning and i am planning to keep this tradition alive. For me, the event is so special that i am planning to schedule my 50th marathon to be ran in Ruhnu, at Liise’s run. The marathon is also very close to the heart for the organisers, because it is the only sporting event they are doing. What makes it special is the distance from main land and the small size, usually running event are really big and crowded. There is also some sort of exclusivity to it. The island is far away and most people have not actually been in Ruhnu or know a lot about it. After the run there is an award ceremony, concert – before of course excursions around the island. All of this makes the run really special. You do not just run, go home and carry on with your usual day – it is an event to remember, and you have time to enjoy it.”




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