We offer rooms for different tastes and wishes:

  • you cherish the old and want to have as authentic experience as possible –  we recommend one of our three cottages, 26 places combined
  • love sleeping in camping houses – we have two, with 8 places in bunk beds
  • wants privacy, sauna and grill – our private house on the village edge is perfect for you (12 – 13 places)

46 places combined 

Shower rooms and toilets for both men and women are situated on seperate houses next to the housing.

Prices (2 or more nights/per person):

  • Grown-up 42,00 € with breakfast
  • Grown-up 37,00 € without breakfast
  • Child (0-3y) free/ (4-12y)) 27,00 € with breakfast
  • Child (0-3y) free/ (4-12y) 22,00 € without breakfast

Prices (1 night/per person):

  • Grown-up 47,00 €  with breakfast
  • Grown-up 42,00 €  without breakfast
  • Child (0-3y) free/ (4-12y) 32,00 €  with breakfast
  • Child (0-3yo) free/ (4-12y) 27,00 €  without breakfast

VAT (9%) included in the prices.


Our newest cottage is actually rebuilt from an old sheep barn. There are 12 places in the house – two 3 person rooms and three 2 person rooms. Showers and toilets are in the house.


This little cottage originates from the year 1933 and offers accommodation for 5 people in two different rooms. One 2 – person room and one 3 – person room.


These two red camping houses each have four beds – bunk beds in a tier of four. Both houses have a fridge and a hot water kettle. 


This house originates from the year 1883 and accommodates 9 persons in three different rooms. There are two rooms on the first floor – three person room and a room with one queen size bed for two. Third room is on the second floor and has four places, plus a possibility for an extra bed.



This cozy family house is located on the edge of the village and is about 500m from Liise Talu main complex. It has four bedrooms, a kitchen, sauna, shower rooms, toilets, a terrace and a big yard where you can grill, sunbathe, play games etc. There are about 13 places in the house – four person room and three rooms for three people (two of which have a queen size bed plus a standard one person bed)

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