Liise Talu Ruhnu Saarel OÜ

Luise-Maria Jõers and team

Phone: +372 5208 756


Address: Liise Talu, Ruhnu municipality, 93001 Saare County

Invoice information: Swedbank/EE512200221021749734

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You can pay for all services with either cash or by card


From may to november you can travel here by ferry named Runö, from october to may there is a small eight place plane going between Pärnu-Ruhnu-Kuressaare.

Distance from land:

  • Pärnu – about 100 km, meaning 3h with a ferry and 35 minutes with a plane
  • Kuressaare – about 70 km, 2h with a ferry and 25 minutes with a plane

Ferry information:

Tuule Liinid OÜ

+372 510 9456

Tickets for the whole season go to sale in april and they go away fast, so plan your trip in advance.

Flight information:

Diamond Sky OÜ

+372 5300 0303

How to get to Liise Talu?

The harbor and airport are 3,5 km from the village center, where we are located. 

Walkable if weather allows, but if needed then we can help out with transport.

We offer a bus with 16 places (16€) or a car with 4 places (10€). 

We recommend visiting the island on different seasons. Ruhnu really has a lot of beauty to offer throughout the year.  And you are always welcomed at Liise Talu!


PS! The locals are use to the forces of nature and know that things do not go according to plan every time. Be ready that the weather might not always be suitable for travel and vacation plans can longate because of that. 

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